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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Skin Care TIPS

*-to hydrate your skin and keep it young and healthy in a bowl mix:
1 tbs peanut butter
1 tbs mayonnaise
2 egg yolks
half a avocado
mix these ingredients together and massage into skin and leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off. leaves your skin feeling like a babies bottom!!


steam face 5-10 mins. Mix table salt, bi-carb soda and a bland face/body mask or anything which will hold it together without dissolving it - any consistency preferred. Continually rub this mixture on the face, exfoliating the skin. This will remove dead, dry skin cells and may help with blackheads wash of with warm water then wash with ice cold water to tighten the skin and close pores, moisturise regular. May leave skin bright red and repeat once every week or two. hope this is of any use as I obtain amazing results.


This is one secret that will make your skin glow, clear, and beautiful!
It works for acne, black heads, mosturizing the skin, softening the skin, adding glow to the skin, anti-aging, overall giving you healthy skin.
Put a hot wash cloth over your face to open pores till it gets cool.
take a tsb of extra virign olive oil (better if its organic but it costs more) and rub in circular motions all around your face. Do this for 2-5 minutes. Then take hot wash cloth again and put it over your face. Put wash cloth 2 or 3 more times. Wipe off any extra left over olive oil on your face.
Works wonders! Try it.


I have severe eczema and dry skin every where. When I learned of this remedy I wasn't so sure until I felt the hand of the person who told it to me and wow!
All you have to do is make a paste (it works better when it's not runny) of sugar and lemon juice and scrub it in good then rinse off well. If your not a believer, just try it on your hands even once and you'll see immediatly what a difference it makes. Keep using at least once a day and in 1 week wow! In 2 weeks, double wow!!
It is even taking away the age spots! My skin looks years younger! I use this everywhere! Face, body, arms legs, hands, feet.
If you have ever used expensive scrubs throw them out cause this remedy will beat them all!!!!!!! (And is much cheaper!!)
I promise this is the best remedy ever!
Let me know what you think!
TRY IT!!!! :)

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